Create an exclusive Virtual Showroom for your Brand 

SKMMP is a White label B2B Enterprise Wholesale order software. We build bespoke ‘stand-alone’ proprietary Virtual Showrooms enabling your buyers to interact and transact exclusively with your collections. Easy team implementation with SKMMP integration support and time management.


Empower your Wholesale Team

SKMMP values the power of people more than anything. The human interactions are central to driving a great Sales campaign. SKMMP enables collaborative collection upload and curation coupled with fast and agile editing tools. Brand Admins can monitor and adjust Digital collection catalogues in seconds.


Live Chat with Buyers

SKMMP offers Brands and Agencies their own Multilingual Live Chat channel to liaise directly with Buyers during Virtual Showroom appointment sessions. Brand Admin dashboards include an online tracker enabling sales team ‘Agents’ to identify Buyers currently online and mobilise territory specific teams and join Buyers during their order session. Multiple team members can join a Buyer online to navigate through the collection. SKMMP’s Live Chat feature enables is faster and more responsive than follow up emails. Agents to share Collection Content, discuss T+C’s, confirm shipping and logistics. 

DEMO Videos

Remote Ordering and Buying appointments are easy to navigate across the SKMMP high definition visual asset tabs ranging from Catwalk to AR, to Linesheets and Video.

Centralised Digital Order Management Suite

Beautifully customised Virtual SMARTShowrooms


Customised privately owned Virtual Showrooms. Interact and transact exclusively with your buyer network.


Teams can work remotely setting up product categories or territory specific assortments. Admins can generate multiple digital collections simultaneously.


Easy navigation, multiple visual assets and an intuitive order table enables a fast and accurate order session.


Live Chat

Customised online media channel to consult and communicate with Buyers directly. Create and dispatch responsive order information significantly reducing follow up email and comms.



Realtime data analytics for Brands and Buyers. Access Sku performance and customer spend across the visually optimise dashboard graphics.



Create a secure showroom experience for your Buyers and maintain high level security over valuable collection assets and order data.