Create an exclusive Virtual Showroom for your Agency 

SKMMP is a White label B2B Enterprise Wholesale order software. We build bespoke ‘stand-alone’ proprietary Virtual Showrooms enabling your buyers to interact and transact exclusively with your agency collections. Unlimited Brands and Collections managed and synchronised with one Virtual Showroom. Easy team implementation with SKMMP integration support and time management.

Empower your Wholesale Team

SKMMP values the power of people more than anything. The human interactions are central to driving a great Sales campaign. SKMMP enables collaborative collection upload and curation coupled with fast and agile editing tools. Brand Admins can monitor and adjust Digital collection catalogues in seconds.

Centralised Digital Order Management Suite For Wholesale Agents

Digital tools to support remote and in-showroom appointments 

Multi Brands

Create one agency Virtual Showroom to house all your digital collections. Manage multiple collections and assortments simultaneously.

Sync Retailer Terms

Import and centralise all Retailer terms and connections. Automated retailer discounts and order artefacts.

360 Sales Analysis

A complete realtime view of Sales and Brand performance across seasons, collections, retailers, values and product.

Online Buyer Tracker

Sales Teams can see who is online and the collections they have viewed.


Live Chat

Customised online media channel to consult and communicate with Buyers directly. Create and dispatch responsive order information.

ERP Export

ERP export for Brands. Each brand can self service their ERP download and export when and as often as they wish.

One Digital Solution for all your Brands

Working with lots of different software on behalf of your Brand clients? Create a Virtual Showroom that will satifsy the needs of your showroom and your brands.