SKMMP Holograms

We pioneered the first use of AR at London and Paris Fashion Week in February 2018

Virtual Fit Models, Virtual Presentations, QR Coded collection swing tags dynamically connected to Virtual Showroom Orders



Interactive Showroom Experience

AR Holograms offer a remote yet immersive, virtual product discovery experience. Proportions, silhouette, drape and fit are captured in AR – enabling Buyers and Stylists an emotive interaction with the collection. 


Deploy across devices

Holograms are accessed via all devices and can be activated anywhere during the online or physical showoroom order session or consultation.

Integrate AR with SKMMP

Sync Virtual Showroom order linesheet with QR Codes prompting navigation with holograms. In addition to visual assets holograms are activated easily during buyer order session navigation.

This is spectacular, SKMMP is innovating the Buyer showroom experience with their virtual 'fit' model holograms (February 2018)

– Paris Fashion Week