Frequently Asked Questions


Is SKMMP software applicable to other industries ?

SKMMP is an experiential, visually dynamic B2B sales platform used by Fashion, Fine jewellery, Beauty and Fragrance brands. SKMMP Virtual Showrooms can be used in many other B2B online sales sectors.

Will SKMMP time mange integration?

Yes, SKMMP will allocate an account support team to assist with set up, testing and going live. Our Tech and Support teams can work in  tandem with internal integration processes.

How do we start?

Contact SKMMP to discuss the B2B sales channel you wish to digitise. Our team will take you through the best features to include and have your B2B sales up and running in less than 5 days.

Can my business trial the software

Yes, SKMMP can offer a trial subject to evaluation and assessmnet of the use case.

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