New Generation


Indie Virtual Showroom

Create an exclusive, independent ‘own brand’ Virtual Showroom B2B Ecommerce Wholesale suite. Empower Showrooms sales teams to Sell remotely. We cover ‘Phygital’ blind spots. 

Interactive Wholesale

Stimulating B2B Wholesale with high definition interactive visual assets. Presentation Videos, Catwalk, Live Stream, Digital Collections, 360°, Digital Twins, CGI, AR, VR, QR Codes, Voice, Audio, Sensory.

Virtual Environments

We can help Brands create virtual spatial experiences and destinations. 360 Virtual Showrooms utilising SKMMP’s proprietary tech and Creative Assets Management suite. 3D Ecommerce across Social channels and phygital Retail experiences. SKMMP integrates with Virtual UI platform partners offering an End 2 End solution.

NFT 's

Create virtual collections aligned with physical seasonal and limited edition collections or as exclusive one of a kind Social drops. SKMMP’s B2B infrastructure enables Virtual collections to be viewed and ordered with mainline collections.

Create, Mint, Sell and Auction exclusive Fashion NFT’s and Digital Collections on Vivid Media’s  sister Web3 Agency site Met-a-Porter.


Breaking fashion rules for B2B Wholesale, offering a more tech fertile creative virtual environment for Brands and Agencies to communicate and transact.

Spellbound Content

Broadcast media from your own Virtual Showroom to Buyers, Press and Industry Events. Synchronise omni-channel content and assets. Digitise your collections with layers of multi media.

Zeitgeist Creative Assets

SKMMP has a unique pipeline of Multi Media partners across AR, Social Filters,  3D modeling, Avatars, Spatial Domains, NFTs and Smart contracts.  Our partners are aligned to the top social platforms, experts in the zeitgeist creative trends, execution and publishing of creative virtual assets.